Amazing Grace Day Camp Volunteers Needed

Help with the Amazing Grace Day Camp, Monday, July 29 – Friday, August 2, 9 am – 3 pm, by volunteering for one for these tasks (download the Amazing Grace Day Camp 2019 Volunteer Form):

  • Set up on Sunday
  • Registration and Checkout
  • Meal and Snack Prep
  • Serving Lunch
  • Transportation Bus
  • Craft Items
  • Set up and Serve Ice Cream
  • Photographer
  • Kitchen Help
  • Food Donation
  • Housing LOMO Staff
  • General Helper
  • Canvassing

This wonderful opportunity is right around the corner for us again. Our covenant with the Synod is that we will provide volunteers for canvassing, registration, meal and snack preparation and serving, transportation of and housing for the LOMO staff, follow- up with non-churched campers and on site assistance. Pastor Combs and I have signed this covenant and returned it to the Synod. We are counting on all the great volunteers of the past and more to join in spreading the Gospel to the children God sends to us.

The tent, the busses, the port-a-lets, and the food all cost money and monetarydonations are welcome, but the truth is we need people to reach people. It’s the relationships that are begun and continued through the ministry that matters most and it’s the relationship that begins for most of the children with the Lord that we are interested in strengthening. I have taught at the day camp since we began the ministry and it is truly the first time some of the children have heard about Jesus and his love for them. Many come with no knowledge, or if they have heard, there is no recollection.

It is a perfect ministry to carry out our core values and fits them perfectly. As you read this article, I hope you will consider helping in the areas below. Please contact me or the church office immediately to sign up to lead the children to Christ. It is truly a team effort. No one person can do it andLOMO can’t do it without us and nothing can be accomplished without God. As youconsider helping, pray for the camp, all who volunteer and especially for the children.

Download the Amazing Grace Day Camp 2019 Volunteer Form and