Church Picnic – August 23, 2015

Join us Sunday, August 23 at Friendly Hills Grange Camp for worship at 10:30 am followed by a potluck lunch. There will be games, Bingo, swimming, fun and fellowship for young and old.


Bring your favorite disk to share at the potluck. Table service including plates, plasticware and cups will be provided. Drinks (coffee, water and lemonade) will also be provided. Remember . . . last year we did not have access to the kitchen, and I was led to believe that would continue in the future. Therefor, if you bring a cold dish, you will need to provide a way to keep it cold. You should also plan to bring your own serving spoon/fork/spatula.

We are planning on having 35-40 prizes offered for Bingo winners. If you would like to contribute a prize or two, please leave items in the box on the stage at St. John’s. You could also bring such items as puzzles, mugs, paper pads, markers, coloring books, crayons, folders, bubbles, candy, nuts, food pantry items (such as canned soup or Mac-and-cheese), and etc.

Friendly Hills Grange Camp is located at 5880 Friendly Hills Road (off North River Road West). Directions to the camp (based on leaving St. John’s parking lot) are:

  • Head south on N 7th St. toward Market St.
  • Take the first right onto Marke St.
  • Take the direst right onto N. 6th St.
  • Turn left ontp the I-70W ramp.
  • Take exit 153-B onto Maple Ave.
  • TUrn right at Northpointe Dr.
  • Turn right onto Richvale Rd.
  • Turn left at Friendly Hills Rd.
  • Destination will be on the right.

We hope to see everyone on Sunday, August 23, for a worship-filled, fun morning and entertaining afternoon of fellowship.

Please note: There will be no 8 am service at St. John’s on this day.

If you have any questions, contact Barb Stoneburner.